Hoverla Ukrainian Dance Ensemble


The Ensemble based in Derby perform traditional Ukrainian folk dances accompanied by their own talented musicians.

The Ensemble has taken part in numerous international festivals and concerts both in Britain and Europe, the climax being in 1986 when first place was gained in the Folk Dance section at the World famous Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in North Wales.

Orlyk Ukrainian dance group


Orlyk was formed in 1949 and is one of the oldest established Ukrainian dance groups in the world.

Based in the heart of Manchester, we are an award winning group of dancers and musicians of genuine heritage and one of the few Ukrainian acts that dance and sing to live music.

Orlyk is the ideal choice for your event – the captivating routines are completely flexible and can be tailored around your needs to include dancing, singing and even audience participation if required!

  • 07771 913 711
  • 31 Smedley Lane, Cheetham, Manchester, Manchester, M8 8XB, United Kingdom

Podilya School of Dance


Made up of a dedicated group of highly accomplished dancers, Podilya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble has been in existence in its present guise since 1996. Renowned for their innovative and intricate choreography, ornate costumes and dramatic music, Podilya aim to preserve and promote this intensely rich Ukrainian art form with audiences around the world.

The current choreographer, Linda Szlachetko, has shaped a distinctive style of dance that incorporates traditional elements of Ukrainian folk dance with a more dynamic, contemporary style that appeals to wider audiences.

  • 07715 412856
  • 31 Smedley Lane, Cheetham, Manchester, Manchester, M8 8XB, United Kingdom

Svitanok London Ukrainian Dancers


Svitanok are a Ukrainian ensemble based in London.

Our members and choreographers have come from across the UK and bring with them a unique style reflecting the true diversity and soul of Ukrainian culture.

Our dance routines combine traditionally colourful and energetic Ukrainian folk routines with fresh ideas and modern chorography.

The beautiful sounds of Svitanok’s singers feature both vibrant folk classics and modern hits.

Zap Cossacks


Travelling all around the country we provide tailor made entertainment depending on our clients needs.
Corporate functions, special occasions, guest theatre appearances,
Stadiums, Concert Halls and even performing in people’s homes are examples of some of our engagements.
No client’s need is too big or too small.

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