Svitanok London Ukrainian Dancers

Svitanok are a Ukrainian ensemble based in London.

Our members and choreographers have come from across the UK and bring with them a unique style reflecting the true diversity and soul of Ukrainian culture.

Our dance routines combine traditionally colourful and energetic Ukrainian folk routines with fresh ideas and modern chorography.

The beautiful sounds of Svitanok’s singers feature both vibrant folk classics and modern hits.

The current group of females led by Anna Osadcow have been dancing together for four years. Made up of Londoners and Ukrainians from around the world.

The junior groups – ranging from the ages of 4 to 15 years old, practice on Saturday’s and perform both mixed and boys and girls traditional dances.

The Svitanok mixed choir is led by singer Yulia Zadarko. The group meet between 8-9pm on Thursdays and perform both traditional folk songs and modern hits.