Podilya School of Dance

Made up of a dedicated group of highly accomplished dancers, Podilya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble has been in existence in its present guise since 1996. Renowned for their innovative and intricate choreography, ornate costumes and dramatic music, Podilya aim to preserve and promote this intensely rich Ukrainian art form with audiences around the world.

The current choreographer, Linda Szlachetko, has shaped a distinctive style of dance that incorporates traditional elements of Ukrainian folk dance with a more dynamic, contemporary style that appeals to wider audiences.

Under her leadership, Podilya dancers persistently perform with the utmost professionalism, constantly striving to achieve the highest levels of technical proficiency. What makes their performances so unique and truly memorable, however, is their passion for dance and the strong Ukrainian spirit that beats in the hearts of the dancers.

The Podilya School of Dance provides dancers as young as 3 years of age with a strong grounding in the fundamentals of Ukrainian dance. Our goal is to help these young dancers develop their technique, build on their performance skills and foster their love for the culture and the art form itself.

The children are given numerous opportunities to experience the thrill of performing and competing on stage in front of a live audience and showcase what they have learnt.

The work hard, play hard balance within the school provides the ideal environment for inspiring the young talent to achieve their potential, with the hope of one day progressing into the Podilya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble.

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  • 31 Smedley Lane, Cheetham, Manchester, Manchester, M8 8XB, United Kingdom

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